Call us before you print! Some designs cost FAR more to mail than others. Sometimes, as little as 1/4″ adjustment can save you a lot of postage cost. Almost always, we can save you money when we see, review and advise on the design of your mailer.

Kickstart offers the following direct mail marketing services, some or all of which should be key considerations of your direct mail program.

  • Mailing lists
  • Addressing
  • Postage Discounts
  • First Class Mailings
  • Standard Class Mailings
  • Non-Profit Mailings
  • Mailing Permit Mailings
  • Live Stamps
  • Barcoding
  • Inserting into Envelopes
  • Personalization
  • Laser Printing
  • Wafer Sealing
  • Printing of many forms of mail

Because we are located near the US Postal Service’s Trenton, NJ Regional Distribution and Bulk Mail Management Center, your mailings enter the mail system at the hub that facilitates the fastest distribution and delivery of your mail piece.